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More than 50 years : experience, research, innovation .....


Since the first product went on the market over 50 years ago, Amway has remained at the forefront of scientific research. With 65 research labs worldwide, Amway is constantly developing new products and modernising Amway classics to bring your customers the very best. Every new product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Numerous third-party certifications show that Amway is succeeding in its quest to create products people can trust.


Amway is built on the concept of relationship, which is rooted in the partnership between our founders. The relationships that exist among the founding families, employees and business owners are at the core of the company. Strong and reliable relationships are key to the Amway business model. Thanks to the relationships we develop with our customers, we are able provide excellent, highly convenient, customer service, based on personal conversations. Our business owners always take care of each person individually. Their profound product knowledge and appreciation of consumer needs allow them to personally address any questions costumers may have, whether about products or starting an Amway business.

Corporate Citizenship

We acknowledge the personal worth in each individual. Amway is committed coroporate social responsibility. We believe in our responsibility to be good citizens in the communities where we live and work. Our employees and business partners are actively committed worldwide to helping to make a difference.

Amway One by One™ Campaign for Children was initiated in 2003 and has donated more than 112 million US Dollars to difference causes since 2003.

Family of Brands

Split into nutrition, beauty and home care categories, we offer a diverse portfolio of high qaulity products. Our brands NUTRILITE™, ARTISTRY™, beautycycle™ and AMWAY HOME™ contribute to personal well-being and delight consumers. These brands form the foundation on which Amway Business Owners build their business.